We undertand camp preparation can be taxing. Getting the finances together, encouraging kids to go, finding sponsors - it's a lot to take in. So we want to help. Here are some things that could help with your preparation. After all, camp should be fun for everyone..even the leaders!


NOTE: This download is required for everyone.  This book has all forms and instructions needed for registration.  Requires PDF reader.

Download Full 2024 Registration Notebook (PDF)  


2024 Promotional Video

OneCamp YouTube Channel (Nightly videos from last year - etc) 

OneCamp Biblical Vision (YouTube)

OneCamp Sponsor Video* (YouTube)

*Note:  our sponsor video is 25 years old or so.  Very dated!  But, the principles are the same.  Any rules mentioned in the video may have been changed, so be sure to check the rules sheet!

NOTE:  You may also find useful videos to show in recruitment prep on our Vimeo or YouTube pages.  You will find old daily videos, teaching videos, old promotion videos, etc.  Use whatever you find helpful.

OneCamp Vimeo Page

OneCamp YouTube Page

OneCamp Facebook Page


Here are high resolution graphics you can use to create a poster and/or flyers for your group.

Promo Graphic

(right click & download)

This is a large format for better printing 





Part One - Watch on Vimeo 
Part Two - Watch on Vimeo
Part Three - Watch on Vimeo
Part Four - Watch on Vimeo

*The downloads will require a divx compatible player to watch. You can download the free divx player at  The Vimeo versions are watchable online via standard player enabled in most browsers.


Sexual Abuse Training Forms 
Sexual Abuse Answer Key (for test)