Frequently Asked Questions

(pertaining to registered churches) 

  • Can I bring more students than I have pre-registered for?  Typically, you can with permission.  Please DO NOT bring additional campers without permission.  Obtain permission by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 
  • What happens to my 50 spots if I only pay deposits for 40 students by the early registration deadline?  The other ten are gone!  Please know that you will ONLY have beds pace reserved for the number of spaces you send deposits for with your early registration mailing.  FOR THAT REASON, we suggest you get an additional spot or two if you're going to need it.  But, if you do, remember the deposit for your spots are non-refundable.  In other words, all deposits are considered as binding.  It's commitment time.  
  • Can I swap out my students if I have additions or drops?  You bet.  At this point, our concern is with numbers.  If you have dropouts and add new students, do not even bother letting us know until after June 6th. 
  • I'm a youth minister, but I'm not 21.  Can I be a sponsor?  Texas State Law requires us to have at least one sponsor 21 years of age or older per 10 students.  But, the law does NOT say that we can't have other sponsors who are NOT 21 years of age.  So- if you're underage, come to camp as a sponsor, but do your best to have an "extra" sponsor for your group who can help us meet the state requirements. 
  • What happens if students do not show up to camp at the last minute?  No-Shows will not be billed the full price of camp, but WILL lose their initial deposit.  Your payment made on the Monday of your week of camp will automatically compute your no-shows and your attending campers. 
  • Why is our deposit non-refundable?  This is a question we really want to answer.  At OneCamp, as with any other camp, we make plans year-round for our next camp.  At some point, we have to stop planning and start acting.  That point is our deadline date for deposits.  At that time, we are no longer planning for 600 students, for example, but are actually purchasing t-shirts, equipment, recreational supplies, and paying our ministerial staff.  At this point in the year, having held spaces in good faith for students who fail to show, we have in effect already spent their money by the time camp comes around.  Additionally, we turn away churches each year from attending camp.  By the end of May (our deposit date) it is no longer possible to fill spots abandoned by no-show students.  We understand that emergencies come up and students sometimes cannot come to camp.  We have no hard feelings.  But, the simple fact is that we have to pay for so many dollars worth of their week whether they come or not.  Thus, the non-refundable deposit. 
  • I'm confused about what year to register my students for.  Is it next year's school grade or last year's?  Please register your students for NEXT YEAR'S school grades.  So, NEXT YEAR'S 7th graders through college freshmen are invited to OneCamp.